About us​

Client based focus

Not every counselor is compatible with every person. Not every methodology is effective with every person. At Ash Counseling, the needs of the client come first.

Our company

We started Ash Counseling in January of 2019

Company Milestones

Working to make a difference

Getting Started

Opening Day!

After years of working at other facilities and learning from others, the time has finally come to do things our way.

Insurance Now Accepted!​

After months waiting on applications, we were able to accept some types of healthcare insurance. 

Telehealth Services Offered​

Seeing the challenges of the pandemic looming on the horizon, we prepared early to continue helping those in need. As the lockdowns started, we were able to offer Telehealth services to those who needed help immediately

Growing Our Team

Patience and hard work is paying off. We are proud to add a Intern to our staff who is excited to refine her skills in helping others.